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Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

4 reason a classic cause of a breakup

1. Mismatch

This is the classic reason breakup often revealed and we hear many stories about relationships. Feeling did not match with each other, the main cause of the breakdown of the relationship. The reason is not fit to be the main reason to end a relationship that has been established. Related not workable because of various things. Could be due to differences of opinion, does not fit the nature, do not fit in the style of daily living, does not fit the character at one another, do not fit the life of the association respectively and so forth. Even some couples who are in a relationship for many years but still can be broken, just as groundless not match.


Whereas discrepancies that are relative and can actually be discussed if mutual understanding and mutual introspection. Because men in this world cannot be separated from its advantages and disadvantages. Because basically every nature and human nature are different, if there is no mutual understanding and accept the shortcomings that do not match ?. God creating humans are not the same and have a myriad of differences. God created man with race, religion, nature, character. Career, or different social status. If the already mutual affection and love, at least find a middle way solution and resolve the mismatch.

2. Remotely

Classic reasons cause a breakup one long-distance relationship. Relations separate distance and time to be the reason why people end a relationship. Because of the distance already separates them, so that not every time can spend the day together. Via text message, phone or social media as if not enough and made their breakup. Long distance relationships can also lead to mutual suspicion, respectively. There is no sense of trust in each other, can cause jealousy. Long distance relationship might cause anxiety partner relationship with a man or another woman.


It is not easy to establish a long-distance relationship. But is not the important factor is the loyalty and commitment. Faithful to your partner to not betray each other. Commitment to trust each other on the activity and life of each social interaction. Unsuspecting, though not every time can walk together. Yet in today relationship can be forged and did not have to meet physically. If the intention to build relationships is no easy way, can each phone chat or video call. Everything can be lived as long as it mutual love and committed faithful.

3. Parents

Factors parents also become a classic reason causes a loving relationship broke up in the street. Because parents forbid their children in a relationship with one's spouse. Parents sometimes prohibits a variety of reasons that are sometimes difficult to understand. Could be because of different social status, a couple we considered not well established, our spouse is considered incompatible with the Desire parents, there is a mystery story in the past, our parents and elderly couples we previously hostile, factors of education, parents have had the option for us , or simply because of the sheer ego parents.


Indeed, if the parents have banned our relationship, rather difficult to solve. But at least we have to try and fight to convince parents that we were in love with a partner. Because a loveless marriage relationship status would be empty and cannot be lived with sincerity. At least we show the parents that we have the right choice. Because after undergoing a relationship or marriage is not a parent but our own. We must undergo difficult or happy future. We ourselves are taking the risk of selection of our love. So parents should understand that he cannot manage his children's love life, although in this case some pros and cons.

4. The third man

The third man is also the reason the classic cause of a breakup. There are allegations of infidelity, there is love in the back, or there is a secret love with a third party. Third parties can own friends, co-workers, classmates, neighbors, even relatives. A third person makes the couple's relationship was destroyed because they feel there is infidelity and betrayal. Feeling love shared with others. Or secretly friend we were careful with our girlfriend or fiancé. They relate and agreed to meet in a place without our knowledge. The more pain they playacting and pretending as if nothing.


It is betrayed and cheated is something very painful. Our spouse turns establish with others without our knowledge. But surely there must be a solution this problem. Investigate first whether there is a special relationship between our partners with a third person. If there is a connection, to what extent and whether it was a coincidence. But if there should certainly be no mutual introspection, forgiveness despite heavy. We have to say on the couple to promise not to repeat. We must give a commitment whether the relationship is maintained or still love each other. But sometimes it's hard if related matters of the heart and the issue of love. But whatever happens we have to accept the fact and still survive. If he decides to choose someone else, we must be willing and sincere. Because maybe she was not right for us and does not match ours.

Saturday, July 16, 2016

This is the picture of love, which in fact cannot be described

Love to death

A love so great so important, he seemed willing to die for the girl who craves. Love dies It usually we get some dialog romantic movies and about love. "Honey, I'm even willing to die for the sake of getting your love, because I truly love you". "I really love unto death, even I sleep is always remember you, remember your face always." That is an idea of ​​what love is dead.

Love in life and death

Is describing a love so deep, as if love conquers all in this world. The term is usually portrayed in some of the poetry and romantic story in the novel. Love life and death reflects two human couples who do not want to establish love as separated. "My love for you as lively as dead, I'm willing to do anything to get your love.". Love in life and death, as if their lives for their beloved ones. As if death was also handed over to a man she loved.

Puppy love

Love like this is described as a future love children. When we still do not know real love. Love Monkey describe sincerity and innocence of childhood, but may be momentary and temporary. Crushes usually apply in childhood between the ages of 16 and under. But despite past love children, but there are remembered into adulthood. And sometimes the relationship persists into adulthood and married. In fact there is always the memory of puppy love throughout his life.

Love only in the mouth

Love is illustrated especially for men who simply lied about love. Love just at the mouth like a love that just talk, without proof of sincerity. Love is just a word and not shown with sincerity. Love is just lip service only, no love in the heart. Usually this is done by a man with status playboy and likes playing women's hearts. Usually this word out of the mouth of women who feel cheated her. "This turned out to be for love only in the mouth, I'm really disappointed you did not really mean to me"

Blind love

Love as a symbol that he was blinded by love. He does not care who he is, any situation and under any circumstances. He remained blind love to her idol, or the idol man. Blind love so strong that no matter he is rich or poor. No matter the disparity, social status, and does not care about differences in beliefs. Love is like a man who does not want to know anything, besides his love to someone.

Pseudo love

Love as an illustration that one's love is only a mirage. Just a mere delusion and false. Love is not actual or merely abstract. Cintas apparent also describe the pain of a woman cheated by a partner. Pseudo love is the love that never happened in truth. Love burlesque, just like a fairy tale of love alone. Love is not touching the real heart and soul.

Eternal love

It is a term of love that seems to be embedded forever and will be intertwined forever. As if this love never dies, love without limits of time and dimensions. Like the everlasting, eternal loves never disappears and die. Love will continue to grow from era to era. The story of eternal love we often see in movies or novels dialog. Describing how the love two people, as if even death separates last forever.

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

5 spontaneous and unique way expressed love

Love is a gift of God that is invaluable. With the love of our lives more meaningful, it can ask a love struck couples. But how to express that love, when, and where. Love takes courage mental states, even though he's known for affairs brave fight in real life, but not necessarily if you dare to express love affair. Even love has long been buried, but he was reluctant and did not know how to express.

There are several common ways to express love and ordinary. But there are also ways unusual, spontaneous and unique way to express love. Some express their love and affection for the girl idol can be easy and sometimes difficult. There was a young man many years harbored feelings of love to the girl idol, without revealing his feelings at all. He could only regret the circumstances, when he saw the girl was with another man.

Previously he helplessly out the word love as if his mouth was locked. Yet every day the young man is known not shy type and sociable. But somehow, for the girl who he thinks every night, she could not express his heart's content. Never think of a unique way expressed love, he did not know what to do to express love in him. Indeed, how to express love are common, usually invites pact dinner idol girl. Or invite a meeting at a restaurant or café, carrying a rose.
However, there are some unusual way, about how youth express love. This can sometimes be encountered in real life and not just in the movies. How to declare his love even unusual, unique, and tend to be bizarre, such as spontaneous and unplanned. As an illustration of how express love following:

1. Express love in elevator

A young man has been known since college with a girl, now they are separated for different workplaces. But they still meet occasionally, for coffee and tea with some friends in college. One time they both enjoy the moment, because the girl was accidental companionship to the mall to buy some clothes. This opportunity should certainly be used by the young man, because since his college days he had harbored feelings for him. And this view is now still a girl alone or do not have a boyfriend.
He also ventured and wanted to declare his love. Spontaneously began to fall from the lift when the mall, cold sweat out of him and shaking his mouth spontaneously. "Linda, I'm sorry I have to say this. Actually I undemonstrative to you since we first met in college, now will you be my lover ". Suddenly the girl next to him was shocked, man college friend had shot him in the elevator. For a moment he was silent and thought, but now he knew the contents of her feelings to him. a few minutes later the girl said, "Yes I cannot answer right now, waiting for when the time comes". Answer the girl is certainly debatable whether to reject or accept the love of friends in college youth. But at least the boy has been relieved stated in his heart for many years and now just waiting for the next answer.

2. State in love while on the toilet door

When he was already known for three months with her idol. They had been eating and watching movies together. But their relationship had been just a close friend, nothing more. But not for the young man, he was for three months cannot sleep well, work did not continue to be overshadowed concentration because the girl's face. He also did not know how to express love because she was not a romantic. He is also not the kind of guy who can bring flowers to express feelings. He is also afraid of appointments to meet with a girl in a special place to talk about serious things. But there is a moment when they get together at the mall, the girl also said goodbye briefly to the toilet. But the one hand, the young man's heart skipped a beat, "I have to say this". He was waiting for the girl to appear at the exit of the toilet and finally express his feelings. "Rebecca, you know I always think about you every day, I love you and want our relationship". The girl also seemed surprised, but he had understood for 3 months is certainly enough for the young man to express love. At least they are now no certainty the status of the relationship, because the man was expressing his love.

3. State of love when sick.

Usually to find a colleague or friend close attention, that they want to visit when we are sick. They are willing to take the time and bring a bit of fresh fruit to come to our room at the hospital. Because when visited by people or friends, we felt cared for and feel in this world alone. And usually the girl who has feelings for men, it cannot be quiet and sad to hear ill. The girl had invited a friend to visit the boy, as he brought a box of pastries and buy fresh fruit. At the time of small talk about the state and condition of illness, the girl was shocked by the words of men. "Thank you for visiting me in the hospital, but I want you to understand, I really love you and I want to be your lover". These words from the lips of the young man slowly. The girl was touched because it was during this time the youth was also no sense to him.

4. Love her gangplank

When on business, he had to go alone to a city, with coworker’s woman. The woman had worked about 4 months and the man had worked for more than three years. Actually, from the first to come to work, the man was no feeling to his new colleagues. However, choosing to wait or somehow did not dare reveal his heart to the woman. Especially when away on business, they are more often moving together, develop proposals, and presentations together. But the time comes they must go back to the office of origin. And while descending from the plane, the man reveals his heart spontaneously, "I know what my mind is, I think I fell in love with you. Will you be my girlfriend and the mother of my children later ". The woman fresh off the plane was stunned and stared trading partner next to him. He smiled and when some steps up on the airport tarmac he say. "Yes, let's take first, we'll see." The man working partner feel relieved because they express their feelings. Despite having to undergo all while waiting for the girl members answer yes or no

5. Express love in a train waiting room

One time a young man asked to escort the girl went to the train station, which intends to visit her grandmother in a town. The girl did not have a boyfriend, and parents and brother could not deliver. The man who has long put his heart on the him, happily dropping even in a train station waiting room. Until the time comes, when the seconds seconds siren set off. And the girl was ready to catch the train headed down the stairs. Suddenly the boy holding his hand and say. "I do not know and maybe the time is not right, but now have to say that I love you and want to be the man best man."
For a moment in silence while the girl can only continue to hold baggage. "You do not have to answer right now, but I waited for the day that you've arrived at home grandmother". The girl could only smile as he stared at the man in front of him. "Really I am glad to hear it, but after at grandma's house for sure I give the news. And hopefully everything beautiful in its time. "And the girl was rushed to the train headed for the stairs. The youth was kept staring at her, until sirens train passed the station to leave the crowds.

Those are some illustrations and a piece of the story of how, where, say love. Sometimes it is spontaneous, and unusual, or even weird and unique. How?? you have other experiences more interesting to say about love. Please Write in the comments ....

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

10 things that must be faced as long as we live

10 is enough to make a happy life

To make you happy actually can be easy or it can be difficult. 10 is enough to make a happy life, depending on everyone's heart. What size? in fact it could or could not be measured. Because happiness is abstract or not visible to others. Because happiness cannot be seen by the eye. Perhaps because it is in the heart, feeling, and thinking.
Here are 10 ways to achieve a happy life pretty:

1.       Enough money

The feeling that money is not everything. Life in the world is in need of money, but money is not a god. So certainly do not make the money to measure everything. Moreover, earn money by illegal and harmful to others. Whatever I earn money through business, business services, business partners or others. Money does not make people have to be evil and a criminal. With this you may make a happy life.  Enough money into one of 10 is enough to make a happy life

2.       Self-property

Property is a symbol of success, a symbol of prosperity and even self-esteem. But the property also does not guarantee the calm and happy life. Suppose you get the property by stealing or cheating. Real important but should not be a competition to achieve negative. Because the sky there is heaven, competition for pursuing the property will not be solved as long as people still have negative passions.

3.       Quite healthy

Healthy is the most precious thing in the world. Whatever money and property does not stack would make her happy if he attack. Health is very important because one of the conditions to make us able to enjoy life. There are people who have a bunch of dollars and a lot of companies. But if you have to undergo therapy and chronic hospitalized all the time will not make him happy

4.       Simply vacation

Holidays are very important because people need to smile, laugh need, and feel happy. Entertainment is important because as we balance because we've been too busy and serious to undergo activity at all times. But everyone is different specific ways holidays. No matter expensive or cheap holiday, which is important to make your thoughts and feelings entertained. Therefore vacation bag must be adapted to each person and do not push yourself. quite holidays are also a part of 10 is enough to make a happy life

5.       Just work

 Is also important, ongoing work around the clock and stop the bad. Not only activity that produces energy. But working and racked my brain drain mind. Sometimes people forget to work to go home, forget if you have children and a wife. To forget that it is a human and not machines or robots. Because the machine also has a system refresh and be temporarily turned off. As members of the human body is made of God, and not easy to find a replacement. Like the auto parts can be found in automotive stores.

6.       Get enough sleep

Sleep is also important for the rest of us can sleep with my eyes closed. Automatic rest of the brain, thoughts, feelings and ambitions. With enough sleep makes your body refreshed upon waking. Sleep is a basic human needs. This indicates that God gave warning that human beings are not perfect. Normal people who do not sleep two days, must have felt unwell and sore eyes.

7.       Just relax

Sometimes we have to sit back and relax on the couch or lay down on the sofa. Sit back and enjoy a coffee or tea and staring into the expanse of the heavens. Or stop at a city park to enjoy the greenery. Looked green leaves and beetle flying around. Leisure is necessary for the work to be taxing, brain drain and creative ideas. However tired I think the energy recovered faster than we are tired mind

8.       Enough exercise

getting enough exercise to make people more fit. Because the sport is very important blood circulation and to bring our bodies balanced. Sports such as mild respiratory metabolism will make your body relaxed. because the circulation of oxygen and will regularly keep the rhythm of a normal heartbeat. Sports certainly can improve blood circulation, especially for those who work too much sitting. Sports also produces sweat to burn calories and fat is detrimental.

9.       Just ambitions

everyone has ambition and aspirations. Making life has direction and purpose for sure. But not too good to be overly ambitious. That act like God that everything he wants to be achieved should occur. Regardless of how it has illegal, harmful to others, dropping his others, and living close to others. Be the ambitions and aspirations but remains in a positive way.

10.   Enough of worship

this is the cover of 10 is enough to make a happy life. Because we have to remember our purpose was man created on earth. Man is not eternal, it will be old, it will be weak over age. And always remember the way God will guide us. Worship according to their religion and beliefs of every person. Worship will make people at ease and at peace because God was with him. However, God is loving everything. What determines our happiness or not, successful or not, to be rich or not. Humans can only think of course, trying to, and submit the results to God.

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Friends like what is right for you?

Have friends that make our lives more colorful. As if we did not live alone. Moreover, if we do not have a girlfriend, or when unmarried. The presence of friends is so important for us. Can accompany us when we do not want to be alone. Suppose want to go to the mountains or the beach, also can accompany us when they want to go outside the city.

But with age, increasing the level of education and entering the world of work. Someone will be more selective in choosing friends. There are several factors related to it. Namely because of previous experiences, so that makes a person more cautious about choosing friends. Indeed, everything is subjective based on the thoughts and experiences at fostering friendship.

Through a blog post I want to share with you. Based on personal experience and what was in my own mind. Perhaps with this paper can provide a reference for you a little bit about friendship. Here is my opinion, different types of friends according to the circumstances.

Friends of the job

Friends when one profession or friends corporate office. Friends in the company that we are working to earn an income or salary. Business friend that we work together for financial gain. Co-workers usually meet every day, especially for friends who are still the company work. Often together to work on projects or employment office. Although there are duties and functions of each. But the intensity of meetings very often because it is still in the office or factory.


We'll have a friend or companion to cooperate finish the job. Cooperating office tasks and completing a project. We can co-exist and may share the task of the office so fast project completion. Cover each job and other shortcomings. Mutually discuss and exchange experience in finding solutions and solving work-related problems.


It is very vulnerable and we cannot comfortably work. If met with colleagues who do not match. Meet with coworkers who do not respect us. Maybe he will do everything possible to achieve his ambition and gain points in the eyes of the boss. So sometimes a friend like this reckless tackle on fellow coworkers. Willing to vilify colleagues in front of the boss so that he considered better than others. Or we get a business friend who secretly betrayed us. Violating the initial agreement or act without our knowledge for personal gain. Stifles job actual project is a joint agreement. Then most people will be careful in an environment of coworkers. Or cautious and selective in choosing a business friend.

Top of Form

Friends school / college 

Namely friends who met when we go to school or college. Our friend while studying and taking education at school or college. Usually parents choose their children's school is so selective. They may control their children related to environmental school friends. Some parents choose a school based on the priorities of the school milieu. Is the situation of the friendship and relations between students conducive.  Is there is often a conflict or raised student fights, brawls and other violence. Then the selection of schools by parents sometimes assessed not only for academic or teaching factors. Do not let our children was ridiculed by classmates friends. Or there is mutual contempt and ridicule among fellow students related economic problems and parental status.


With school friends can learn together, be doing schoolwork together. Can talk to each other to discuss the field of study. Can go to school or college on a motorcycle or a car together. Conducting up the mountain, form a group of music, or biking with a school friend. Form study groups and student group’s environmentalists. Enjoy sports activities such as basketball and soccer outside of school hours.


If we meet with school friends who do not fit or indifferent to us. Usually there is a group or groups ketch that negative connotation. Suppose there is a special group of students from a rich family and officials. That impressed they underestimate the other students who are mediocre economic backgrounds. Or a group of students on behalf of the school authorities. He became dominant in the school with a brute force approach and physical fights. This certainly is not good for education and not good for the environment friendship at school.

Friends interests

Friends when we both have the same interests for a particular purpose. To achieve something together. Eg political organizations friend, companion and friend social movement activists. As a friend in non-governmental organizations or environmentalists and culture. The point of assembly and association with some friends for one purpose. Forming a solid bond that dedication and vision of the organization have a clear mission. Forming the organizational structure as the officials and members based tasks and functions. Each friend shares the role and the work according to their respective functions. Usually this type has a friend along with systematic steps. With such clear goals for the sake of material gain, power, humanitarian mission, the mission of social, educational and other missions


We can move to discuss with our friends in a particular organization. For example, if we engage in social or political organization. Here we can equate perceptions and ideas with friends to achieve goals. Working together with another friend to carry out the vision and mission of the organization.


While they have the same interests but there are loopholes shortcomings. There may be a selfish friend who always justifies his opinion. To be more intelligent, knows better than the others. Value the opinion of a friend of another organization. Or sometimes with a sense of emotion when debate or discussion. Sometimes it happens that the main factor of more interest than just friendship. If there are friends opposite opinion it must be ready to confront the other.

Bottom of Form

Friends community

Friends who represents the interests and hobbies of the same as having interest in a particular field or friends set specific professions.  Vintage car community friends, friends of the journalist community, friend’s motocross community, and others. Friends in this community form a group on the basis of the same interests and passions. Conducting and by hobby or favorite activity together. Usually they decide the agenda of the community to determine the time and place of interest.


With friends we share a community of hobby, avocation or profession us. Discuss problems and find solutions related to the community. Suppose the motorcycle community will certainly discuss various issues related to the motor. On the engine, motorcycle parts, motorcycle or on adding speed and more. They will look good and often together because they belong to one community.


Same with another friend, whose name man certainly no shortage. Sometimes there are friends communities that feel better than others. There is a small group who may often distinguish members of the community with one another. Perhaps there is a hint of competition between one another. With the aim of sheer ego or to be seen more powerful than the other members. For example motorcycle community, who feel most good bike. This attitude may make other friends do not respect.

Friend village

Friends came from our neighborhoods and homes in our region. Compatriots so-called neighboring house. Friends like these intensities meet more often. Because the distance between home and the adjacent neighbor friend. But there also were rarely met because of work activities that are often out of town. Friends of the village usually get to know how he is day to day.


We can ask for help if there is something that needs help fast. We can help each instance a neighbor's wedding or engagement. Can each village to visit if there are friends who are sick. We can invite the neighbors to do something for the betterment of the home environment. Together create a green park in the street home. Working together to build a place of worship. Establish a routine that alternates guard for the safety of residents home environment.


It is common, the aroma of competition between friends or neighbors nearby villages. Each other feel richer or of high social status in the eyes of other neighbors. Sometimes there are messages obviously compete eg in buying a car. Or sometimes compete to buy their children toys, with the price of the most expensive or famous product. Also there is a neighbor who likes trouble by sounding loud music volume. Also there is a neighbor that is irreverent with littering thereby disrupting the environment.

Seasonal Friend

That friend when we met in a seasonal activity only. Since we do not often meet and distance apart. Seasonal friends usually meet in a moment alone or activities. But its periodic, regular and there are regular meetings per month or per year. Usually meets when there are office meetings, congresses organization, reunions or meetings annual meeting. Seasonal friends like friends company in one country. What they actually do not know each other, but still under the same umbrella company. They just met at a meeting of its momentum. Or we meet new friends while on holiday visiting somewhere. Or accidentally get acquainted with new friends while riding public transportation such as trains, ships, or aircraft.


There will be a sense of missed since we met not too often. When you meet has a different flavor There is the feeling of wanting mutual contacts and phone or chat via social media. If the match was likely to be a pact to meet again at a later time. Can contact each other again through phone messages or social media. Doing a photo together as recalled memories. Or exchange of goods favorite memory as a form of memory of happiness.


Hard to know each original character because it is not often met. Some are already known for years but a little amount. Seasonal friends usually sometimes do not know when you will meet again. For example, because a friend was going to move to another job or project. Or are no longer to be somewhere when we met for the first time used.

Friends sayHello

Friends are limited to greet each other, just say Hello when they met. So we're not too often meet or accidentally meet somewhere or met at an event. Friends say Hello indeed there is an old friend, but had never met in years. As childhood friends once or friends when we lived in such a place.

But there are people who deliberately want to greet not more. Without the desire to have a chat or get closer to that friend. For example, when met on the street, in the market, at the mall, or in the center of the crowd. After greeting usually immediately resume the activities or affairs respectively.

Similarly, according to my friend about the different kinds of situations and conditions. Who knows you are especially helpful for those who want a relationship of friendship, meet new friends while working, or forming a community of friends. Thanks to meet in the next article ... .see you...

Photographers : Ali Masduki
location : Pacet Mojokerto Indonesia

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Maintain friendships, this is the key


Fostering friendships and relationships are very important. Since we are social beings who need others and others need. Whatever it is, to share, to do something together, do a hobby together, thinking together, joys and sorrows together. But how to build friendships so durable and long lasting? 

Of course everyone has a different way of fostering friendship. All depends on the background of friendship that happens. Here I try to share with you. Trying to write about anything that makes durable and long lasting friendship. In fact, there is a still fostering friendship from children to grandparents. Lasting friendship or friends there is only one. But there having two or more friends that last for decades.

All people have had experiences in friendship. Good friends with classmates, coworkers, friends, business or other friends. Surely we have ups and downs in friendship. There is a long-lasting friendships but some are not last long. Just a story, I had a friend or friends until now had been friends for over 25 years. Of course, maybe you can be much longer than mine. Same with you, during that time we have experienced ups and downs. Ever fought, then reconciled, quarreled again and reconcile. Sometimes a fight just for trivial matters. Sometimes sulking just because unturned phone messages. Some also experience serious problems ego, he hurt with me for some reason. It is all in the art of dynamics or friends.

Here I try to share the experience and what I experienced. Which may, as a provision for you to build lasting friendships?

Mutual sharing

That shares something. The stories, sharing, sharing conditions and situations. Including sharing in the joy and sorrow. Or sharing food or maybe share a cigarette. Sharing in good times and tough times. All of this does seem silly, but effective way to foster friendship. Ego lends each other money anyone in need. If we have money, can be loaned to a friend. Conversely, if he needed money, we lend alternately. Essentially complementary positions who have money and who does not. Suppose our friend again need money for a down payment installments car. So when we had the money, we should lend. Usually when a friend is certainly no interest, and the time period can be conditioned.

Understand shortage

Everyone certainly has its drawbacks, including our friend. So we have to understand the shortcomings of friends. But he also must understand our shortcomings. Example: we have a shortage of friends do not like to watch football stadium. Of course we could not take him to the stadium to watch football. We must understand there are things that we like but he does not like. Understand the shortcomings, for example our friend likes late if invited pact to meet. There are reasons, a traffic jam, finished washing clothes, the motor broke down and others. Because there is such a type of person who is always late when invited to a pact to meet, even we wait until a matter of hours.

Usually a hobby

Usually friends match was when the same hobby had. Because there had the same events and activities. Doing craze and what they like together. Help each other and share interests. Friends of the hobby more comfortable in living. We can do a hobby together at a time. Examples of hobby cycling we can do activities together. Mountain climbing together, around town, or along the edge of the beach. Friend hobby can exchange thoughts and ideas associated with the hobby. Usually a friend of the hobby will be durable because it has the same spirit and desire. Though all is not necessarily because nothing is perfect in this life.

Mutual aid

Help each other if a friend got a problem or are fixing something. Suppose a friend were repairing a car, should help improve although only accompany. Or perhaps accompany him to go to the garage. Helps when he moved house or move to another place. Maybe accommodated in our homes for a few days, until he found a new residence. Mutual help when having difficulty finding a job. If there is a job reference may provide information and drive. Or introduce a friend to a relationship in order to get a job. We can also help a friend to find a mate or girlfriend. Can introduce a friend to a friend other relation. There have been many stories about meetings with girlfriends and wives, which was originally introduced by a friend.

Mutual contacts

Give each other messages via phone, chat, or connect via social media is also important. Because friendship is required each asking for news or contact with each other. However there that must be considered and should not be taken lightly. Do not wait another who is contacted in advance. Or think anyone should send a message or call in advance. Eliminate the feeling selfish or else waiting for news. Everything must mutually take the initiative and just flowed. Alternately ask each other if the news had not seen. Say hello to each other is an important factor to foster friendship. The nature of ego and selfish, or just ask for a phone call away, this ruin friendships. Contacting each other is important; though only greet each other in social media or via telephone messages.


Offsetting means we must be willing to follow the will of friends. Although sometimes we ourselves did not actually match her whim. It's kind of a feeling of sacrifice, but it's good for friendships. Suppose a friend were eating pizza and she would invite meal together. Then it should seek to honor and compensate, even if we do not feel like eating pizza. Although it may not often sacrifice a feeling like this. It is better to be frank, if we do not want when invited. But rejection should be smooth and not resisting violently. But the point is, at times perhaps a little sacrifice to please a friend.

Same position

With friends it should be the same position. Each undue higher or lower than the others. Among them there should not be the most responsible or dominating. Equally as must decide things together. Discuss together in making decisions for our interests and friends. No one wants to always set. Or no one felt always set. Indeed, there is a friend who always succumbs or would just set. But one day it will become a time bomb and ruin friendships. In befriended each should not be styled like a boss. For example, we in the workplace to be a manager and used to give instructions and orders to the employees. Things like that certainly should not be practiced or done to our friend. Later our friend could take offense because he is not your subordinate. But he is friends who has the same position and have the same opportunity.

Natural hard together

Usually lasting friends who have experienced difficult times together. Experienced hard times when living together. Once it was difficult when I was a student. Or have suffered from the current economic difficulties because it has not worked. Never share a meal together in one room. Usually when a friend is a friend who suffered life-tested loyalty. He wanted to accompany the moment we do not have the money and sinking. Friends like this are rare on this earth. Wants to accommodate us when we are powerless. So a friend in difficult times will be remembered all the time. Details story hard times will always be ingrained in the minds. So friends like these that we must defend, not to make her offended or hurt.

Natural happy together

If ever felt hard together of course also have to feel happy together. Ever feel the excitement and happy together. Lest we forget with a friend when we are happy and lots of money. It's called want to be friends and just need a friend really hard times. But turn successful with your friends forgets the past. Instead it would hurt, if there are friends who forget us. He came away as being successful and wealthy, do not even say hello when you meet. When he won important positions in his office, feeling cocky and seemed to not know. Good friend is always remembered in good times and difficult. At the time he was successful or not remains remembered us, and vice avers. Because there is usually no sugar ants. When the rich and successful people claim to friends and want to be familiar with us.

Mutual protection

Mutual protection is also very important for friendship. We must be able to protect him from danger or there may be people who vilify slander him. Instead, he is also doing so. Protect from the evil people who intend or want to harm us. Of course, by maximizing the capabilities and what we have to be able to protect each other. Protect each other in the sense escort and defend if there is a problem or issue. Moreover, if we feel guilty, obliged to defend our friends, or vice avers. Protect each other will provide a sense of security and comfort in friendship, because there are always people beside us.

I think the above are some of the factors that make us stay friends and friends even for decades. Not many people can indeed make friends for decades children and grandchildren. Maybe you can also add some factor about this.

Hopefully we still have friends who durable companion in joy and sorrow. Greetings happy and to meet in the next article about friendship...

Photographers: Arief Febrianto
Location: Bromo Indonesia