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Tuesday, July 12, 2016

10 is enough to make a happy life

To make you happy actually can be easy or it can be difficult. 10 is enough to make a happy life, depending on everyone's heart. What size? in fact it could or could not be measured. Because happiness is abstract or not visible to others. Because happiness cannot be seen by the eye. Perhaps because it is in the heart, feeling, and thinking.
Here are 10 ways to achieve a happy life pretty:

1.       Enough money

The feeling that money is not everything. Life in the world is in need of money, but money is not a god. So certainly do not make the money to measure everything. Moreover, earn money by illegal and harmful to others. Whatever I earn money through business, business services, business partners or others. Money does not make people have to be evil and a criminal. With this you may make a happy life.  Enough money into one of 10 is enough to make a happy life

2.       Self-property

Property is a symbol of success, a symbol of prosperity and even self-esteem. But the property also does not guarantee the calm and happy life. Suppose you get the property by stealing or cheating. Real important but should not be a competition to achieve negative. Because the sky there is heaven, competition for pursuing the property will not be solved as long as people still have negative passions.

3.       Quite healthy

Healthy is the most precious thing in the world. Whatever money and property does not stack would make her happy if he attack. Health is very important because one of the conditions to make us able to enjoy life. There are people who have a bunch of dollars and a lot of companies. But if you have to undergo therapy and chronic hospitalized all the time will not make him happy

4.       Simply vacation

Holidays are very important because people need to smile, laugh need, and feel happy. Entertainment is important because as we balance because we've been too busy and serious to undergo activity at all times. But everyone is different specific ways holidays. No matter expensive or cheap holiday, which is important to make your thoughts and feelings entertained. Therefore vacation bag must be adapted to each person and do not push yourself. quite holidays are also a part of 10 is enough to make a happy life

5.       Just work

 Is also important, ongoing work around the clock and stop the bad. Not only activity that produces energy. But working and racked my brain drain mind. Sometimes people forget to work to go home, forget if you have children and a wife. To forget that it is a human and not machines or robots. Because the machine also has a system refresh and be temporarily turned off. As members of the human body is made of God, and not easy to find a replacement. Like the auto parts can be found in automotive stores.

6.       Get enough sleep

Sleep is also important for the rest of us can sleep with my eyes closed. Automatic rest of the brain, thoughts, feelings and ambitions. With enough sleep makes your body refreshed upon waking. Sleep is a basic human needs. This indicates that God gave warning that human beings are not perfect. Normal people who do not sleep two days, must have felt unwell and sore eyes.

7.       Just relax

Sometimes we have to sit back and relax on the couch or lay down on the sofa. Sit back and enjoy a coffee or tea and staring into the expanse of the heavens. Or stop at a city park to enjoy the greenery. Looked green leaves and beetle flying around. Leisure is necessary for the work to be taxing, brain drain and creative ideas. However tired I think the energy recovered faster than we are tired mind

8.       Enough exercise

getting enough exercise to make people more fit. Because the sport is very important blood circulation and to bring our bodies balanced. Sports such as mild respiratory metabolism will make your body relaxed. because the circulation of oxygen and will regularly keep the rhythm of a normal heartbeat. Sports certainly can improve blood circulation, especially for those who work too much sitting. Sports also produces sweat to burn calories and fat is detrimental.

9.       Just ambitions

everyone has ambition and aspirations. Making life has direction and purpose for sure. But not too good to be overly ambitious. That act like God that everything he wants to be achieved should occur. Regardless of how it has illegal, harmful to others, dropping his others, and living close to others. Be the ambitions and aspirations but remains in a positive way.

10.   Enough of worship

this is the cover of 10 is enough to make a happy life. Because we have to remember our purpose was man created on earth. Man is not eternal, it will be old, it will be weak over age. And always remember the way God will guide us. Worship according to their religion and beliefs of every person. Worship will make people at ease and at peace because God was with him. However, God is loving everything. What determines our happiness or not, successful or not, to be rich or not. Humans can only think of course, trying to, and submit the results to God.

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