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Tuesday, July 19, 2016

4 reason a classic cause of a breakup

1. Mismatch

This is the classic reason breakup often revealed and we hear many stories about relationships. Feeling did not match with each other, the main cause of the breakdown of the relationship. The reason is not fit to be the main reason to end a relationship that has been established. Related not workable because of various things. Could be due to differences of opinion, does not fit the nature, do not fit in the style of daily living, does not fit the character at one another, do not fit the life of the association respectively and so forth. Even some couples who are in a relationship for many years but still can be broken, just as groundless not match.


Whereas discrepancies that are relative and can actually be discussed if mutual understanding and mutual introspection. Because men in this world cannot be separated from its advantages and disadvantages. Because basically every nature and human nature are different, if there is no mutual understanding and accept the shortcomings that do not match ?. God creating humans are not the same and have a myriad of differences. God created man with race, religion, nature, character. Career, or different social status. If the already mutual affection and love, at least find a middle way solution and resolve the mismatch.

2. Remotely

Classic reasons cause a breakup one long-distance relationship. Relations separate distance and time to be the reason why people end a relationship. Because of the distance already separates them, so that not every time can spend the day together. Via text message, phone or social media as if not enough and made their breakup. Long distance relationships can also lead to mutual suspicion, respectively. There is no sense of trust in each other, can cause jealousy. Long distance relationship might cause anxiety partner relationship with a man or another woman.


It is not easy to establish a long-distance relationship. But is not the important factor is the loyalty and commitment. Faithful to your partner to not betray each other. Commitment to trust each other on the activity and life of each social interaction. Unsuspecting, though not every time can walk together. Yet in today relationship can be forged and did not have to meet physically. If the intention to build relationships is no easy way, can each phone chat or video call. Everything can be lived as long as it mutual love and committed faithful.

3. Parents

Factors parents also become a classic reason causes a loving relationship broke up in the street. Because parents forbid their children in a relationship with one's spouse. Parents sometimes prohibits a variety of reasons that are sometimes difficult to understand. Could be because of different social status, a couple we considered not well established, our spouse is considered incompatible with the Desire parents, there is a mystery story in the past, our parents and elderly couples we previously hostile, factors of education, parents have had the option for us , or simply because of the sheer ego parents.


Indeed, if the parents have banned our relationship, rather difficult to solve. But at least we have to try and fight to convince parents that we were in love with a partner. Because a loveless marriage relationship status would be empty and cannot be lived with sincerity. At least we show the parents that we have the right choice. Because after undergoing a relationship or marriage is not a parent but our own. We must undergo difficult or happy future. We ourselves are taking the risk of selection of our love. So parents should understand that he cannot manage his children's love life, although in this case some pros and cons.

4. The third man

The third man is also the reason the classic cause of a breakup. There are allegations of infidelity, there is love in the back, or there is a secret love with a third party. Third parties can own friends, co-workers, classmates, neighbors, even relatives. A third person makes the couple's relationship was destroyed because they feel there is infidelity and betrayal. Feeling love shared with others. Or secretly friend we were careful with our girlfriend or fiancé. They relate and agreed to meet in a place without our knowledge. The more pain they playacting and pretending as if nothing.


It is betrayed and cheated is something very painful. Our spouse turns establish with others without our knowledge. But surely there must be a solution this problem. Investigate first whether there is a special relationship between our partners with a third person. If there is a connection, to what extent and whether it was a coincidence. But if there should certainly be no mutual introspection, forgiveness despite heavy. We have to say on the couple to promise not to repeat. We must give a commitment whether the relationship is maintained or still love each other. But sometimes it's hard if related matters of the heart and the issue of love. But whatever happens we have to accept the fact and still survive. If he decides to choose someone else, we must be willing and sincere. Because maybe she was not right for us and does not match ours.

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