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Wednesday, July 13, 2016

5 spontaneous and unique way expressed love

Love is a gift of God that is invaluable. With the love of our lives more meaningful, it can ask a love struck couples. But how to express that love, when, and where. Love takes courage mental states, even though he's known for affairs brave fight in real life, but not necessarily if you dare to express love affair. Even love has long been buried, but he was reluctant and did not know how to express.

There are several common ways to express love and ordinary. But there are also ways unusual, spontaneous and unique way to express love. Some express their love and affection for the girl idol can be easy and sometimes difficult. There was a young man many years harbored feelings of love to the girl idol, without revealing his feelings at all. He could only regret the circumstances, when he saw the girl was with another man.

Previously he helplessly out the word love as if his mouth was locked. Yet every day the young man is known not shy type and sociable. But somehow, for the girl who he thinks every night, she could not express his heart's content. Never think of a unique way expressed love, he did not know what to do to express love in him. Indeed, how to express love are common, usually invites pact dinner idol girl. Or invite a meeting at a restaurant or café, carrying a rose.
However, there are some unusual way, about how youth express love. This can sometimes be encountered in real life and not just in the movies. How to declare his love even unusual, unique, and tend to be bizarre, such as spontaneous and unplanned. As an illustration of how express love following:

1. Express love in elevator

A young man has been known since college with a girl, now they are separated for different workplaces. But they still meet occasionally, for coffee and tea with some friends in college. One time they both enjoy the moment, because the girl was accidental companionship to the mall to buy some clothes. This opportunity should certainly be used by the young man, because since his college days he had harbored feelings for him. And this view is now still a girl alone or do not have a boyfriend.
He also ventured and wanted to declare his love. Spontaneously began to fall from the lift when the mall, cold sweat out of him and shaking his mouth spontaneously. "Linda, I'm sorry I have to say this. Actually I undemonstrative to you since we first met in college, now will you be my lover ". Suddenly the girl next to him was shocked, man college friend had shot him in the elevator. For a moment he was silent and thought, but now he knew the contents of her feelings to him. a few minutes later the girl said, "Yes I cannot answer right now, waiting for when the time comes". Answer the girl is certainly debatable whether to reject or accept the love of friends in college youth. But at least the boy has been relieved stated in his heart for many years and now just waiting for the next answer.

2. State in love while on the toilet door

When he was already known for three months with her idol. They had been eating and watching movies together. But their relationship had been just a close friend, nothing more. But not for the young man, he was for three months cannot sleep well, work did not continue to be overshadowed concentration because the girl's face. He also did not know how to express love because she was not a romantic. He is also not the kind of guy who can bring flowers to express feelings. He is also afraid of appointments to meet with a girl in a special place to talk about serious things. But there is a moment when they get together at the mall, the girl also said goodbye briefly to the toilet. But the one hand, the young man's heart skipped a beat, "I have to say this". He was waiting for the girl to appear at the exit of the toilet and finally express his feelings. "Rebecca, you know I always think about you every day, I love you and want our relationship". The girl also seemed surprised, but he had understood for 3 months is certainly enough for the young man to express love. At least they are now no certainty the status of the relationship, because the man was expressing his love.

3. State of love when sick.

Usually to find a colleague or friend close attention, that they want to visit when we are sick. They are willing to take the time and bring a bit of fresh fruit to come to our room at the hospital. Because when visited by people or friends, we felt cared for and feel in this world alone. And usually the girl who has feelings for men, it cannot be quiet and sad to hear ill. The girl had invited a friend to visit the boy, as he brought a box of pastries and buy fresh fruit. At the time of small talk about the state and condition of illness, the girl was shocked by the words of men. "Thank you for visiting me in the hospital, but I want you to understand, I really love you and I want to be your lover". These words from the lips of the young man slowly. The girl was touched because it was during this time the youth was also no sense to him.

4. Love her gangplank

When on business, he had to go alone to a city, with coworker’s woman. The woman had worked about 4 months and the man had worked for more than three years. Actually, from the first to come to work, the man was no feeling to his new colleagues. However, choosing to wait or somehow did not dare reveal his heart to the woman. Especially when away on business, they are more often moving together, develop proposals, and presentations together. But the time comes they must go back to the office of origin. And while descending from the plane, the man reveals his heart spontaneously, "I know what my mind is, I think I fell in love with you. Will you be my girlfriend and the mother of my children later ". The woman fresh off the plane was stunned and stared trading partner next to him. He smiled and when some steps up on the airport tarmac he say. "Yes, let's take first, we'll see." The man working partner feel relieved because they express their feelings. Despite having to undergo all while waiting for the girl members answer yes or no

5. Express love in a train waiting room

One time a young man asked to escort the girl went to the train station, which intends to visit her grandmother in a town. The girl did not have a boyfriend, and parents and brother could not deliver. The man who has long put his heart on the him, happily dropping even in a train station waiting room. Until the time comes, when the seconds seconds siren set off. And the girl was ready to catch the train headed down the stairs. Suddenly the boy holding his hand and say. "I do not know and maybe the time is not right, but now have to say that I love you and want to be the man best man."
For a moment in silence while the girl can only continue to hold baggage. "You do not have to answer right now, but I waited for the day that you've arrived at home grandmother". The girl could only smile as he stared at the man in front of him. "Really I am glad to hear it, but after at grandma's house for sure I give the news. And hopefully everything beautiful in its time. "And the girl was rushed to the train headed for the stairs. The youth was kept staring at her, until sirens train passed the station to leave the crowds.

Those are some illustrations and a piece of the story of how, where, say love. Sometimes it is spontaneous, and unusual, or even weird and unique. How?? you have other experiences more interesting to say about love. Please Write in the comments ....

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