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Saturday, July 16, 2016

This is the picture of love, which in fact cannot be described

Love to death

A love so great so important, he seemed willing to die for the girl who craves. Love dies It usually we get some dialog romantic movies and about love. "Honey, I'm even willing to die for the sake of getting your love, because I truly love you". "I really love unto death, even I sleep is always remember you, remember your face always." That is an idea of ​​what love is dead.

Love in life and death

Is describing a love so deep, as if love conquers all in this world. The term is usually portrayed in some of the poetry and romantic story in the novel. Love life and death reflects two human couples who do not want to establish love as separated. "My love for you as lively as dead, I'm willing to do anything to get your love.". Love in life and death, as if their lives for their beloved ones. As if death was also handed over to a man she loved.

Puppy love

Love like this is described as a future love children. When we still do not know real love. Love Monkey describe sincerity and innocence of childhood, but may be momentary and temporary. Crushes usually apply in childhood between the ages of 16 and under. But despite past love children, but there are remembered into adulthood. And sometimes the relationship persists into adulthood and married. In fact there is always the memory of puppy love throughout his life.

Love only in the mouth

Love is illustrated especially for men who simply lied about love. Love just at the mouth like a love that just talk, without proof of sincerity. Love is just a word and not shown with sincerity. Love is just lip service only, no love in the heart. Usually this is done by a man with status playboy and likes playing women's hearts. Usually this word out of the mouth of women who feel cheated her. "This turned out to be for love only in the mouth, I'm really disappointed you did not really mean to me"

Blind love

Love as a symbol that he was blinded by love. He does not care who he is, any situation and under any circumstances. He remained blind love to her idol, or the idol man. Blind love so strong that no matter he is rich or poor. No matter the disparity, social status, and does not care about differences in beliefs. Love is like a man who does not want to know anything, besides his love to someone.

Pseudo love

Love as an illustration that one's love is only a mirage. Just a mere delusion and false. Love is not actual or merely abstract. Cintas apparent also describe the pain of a woman cheated by a partner. Pseudo love is the love that never happened in truth. Love burlesque, just like a fairy tale of love alone. Love is not touching the real heart and soul.

Eternal love

It is a term of love that seems to be embedded forever and will be intertwined forever. As if this love never dies, love without limits of time and dimensions. Like the everlasting, eternal loves never disappears and die. Love will continue to grow from era to era. The story of eternal love we often see in movies or novels dialog. Describing how the love two people, as if even death separates last forever.

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